Getting Agile Scrum right in the real world

  • 25–35% reduction in costs
  • 20% improvement in quality
  • 100–200% acceleration in delivery of new products and services

What does CloudNow’s Agile Scrum Practice involve?

  • At CloudNow, our scrum teams are self-organized and have a maximum of ten members.
  • Each team gets together for Sprint Planning meetings to determine the goals for the upcoming Sprint.
  • On our daily Standups during each sprint, we catch up to ensure that there are no blockers causing delays.
  • The Iteration delivered at the end of the sprint is discussed during our Sprint Review meetings.
  • Finally, a Sprint Retrospective is conducted to review and learn from the work done during the sprint.
  • We take our 2-week Scrum Cadence extremely seriously, ensuring no deviations under any circumstances.

Building agile principles into the organizational culture

Balancing the abstract quest for perfection with measurable metrics

  • Burndown Charts: Graphical representations of whether or not the team is on schedule to complete the sprint scope
  • Customer Satisfaction: Consistent measurement of likelihood to recommend
  • Defect Density: Number of errors per unit quantity (for example, a particular number of lines of code)
  • Escaped Defects: Number of escaped defects: bugs that are experienced by users in production
  • Sprint Goal Success: Whether or not the sprint meets metrics defined during sprint planning
  • Return on Investment: Revenue generated by the software divided by cost of the sprints needed to develop it
  • Time to Market: Number of sprints before release to production
  • Velocity: Amount of work completed per sprint

Aligning Agile with Enterprise Architecture



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