Success or failure on the cloud can depend on your Google Cloud Partner. Here are 4 criteria to help you choose right.

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4 min readNov 4, 2021

Google Cloud Platform is a provider of computing resources for developing, deploying, and operating web applications, and is increasingly becoming the go-to platform for enterprises across industries.

As with many other advanced technology platforms, Google Cloud is complex, and can be a daunting prospect to manage and optimize for your IT team, even if they are experienced with traditional on-premise infrastructure.

That is why a majority of enterprises choose to work with specialized external partners to make the most of their journey on Google Cloud. But with limited knowledge of the platform yourself, how do you judge the competence of your partner? We hope this article will help make the decision easier and more scientific for your business.

There are 4 key criteria you need to focus on in order to assess your potential Google Cloud Partner.

1. Expertise working with the platform

There are several reasons to use GCP — higher productivity, faster collaboration, powerful security, industry-leading uptime, and flexible, competitive pricing.

But to extract value from each of these benefits of Google Cloud, you need a partner who knows the platform inside and out.

A good starting point to assess this knowledge base is to confirm whether your partner is a Google Cloud partner. You can verify this on Google’s own Cloud Partners directory here.

2. Experience with solutions for your specific requirement

When developing tech, your partner having experience working with other businesses in your industry is not that important. What is vital is for them to have experience with developing technology solutions similar to the one(s) you want to build.

For instance, if your company is into apparel manufacturing and needs to develop an e-commerce website, a partner who has created e-commerce websites for other industries like automobile spares may be better suited to your requirement, than, say, if they’ve built a CRM for another apparel design company like yours.

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Same-industry experience does become important in case of any specific norms or laws that need to be followed when taking your workloads online. But otherwise, the types of builds and migrations your partner has deployed are generally more important while deciding if they’re the right partners for your business.

Ask your Google Cloud Partner what migrations they’ve done, what obstacles they faced, and how they overcame them.

3. Customer testimonials

Studying a prospective partner’s customer testimonials would also be an important source of information on whether you are zeroing in on the right partner. Many Google Cloud Partners display testimonials and case studies prominently on their websites for you to understand the types of problems they have helped customers to solve, and the resulting positive business impact.

If you don’t find enough information in the public domain, make sure to ask for it! This is an important part of your evaluation process and can help you identify the likely strengths and possible weaknesses of your partner.

Where possible, do try and reach out to any of the partner’s clients to get feedback straight from the horse’s mouth. You can be confident of receiving unbiased input that can greatly aid your decision-making.

4. The long haul

Digital transformation, and embracing cloud-based technologies are not one-time or short-term activities. You need a partner who can think for your business and help you lay out a plan for the longer term, and remain by your side to guide you through the journey.

Therefore, the resilience and long-term track record of your partner become important considerations while deciding on who to work with. How long has your Google Cloud Partner been in business? Have their financials remained robust through this time? How long have they continuously worked with their other long-term customers without the relationship snapping?

These become important questions to ask, because your Google Cloud Partner needs to remain by your side for periods of several years or more, and offer consistent, reliable guidance that you can trust and follow as you move forward on your cloud journey.

CloudNow has been helping businesses with their digital transformation since our inception. As a Google Cloud Technology Partner, and with our Google Cloud-certified engineers and architects, we’re your ideal partner as you plan your move to Google Cloud. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you on your cloud journey.



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